About Schroer & Sons

We know you want to be confident in your choice of a new roof. Confidence begins with choosing the right professional Ohio roofing contractor to install the right roof for your home.

Making that choice isn’t always easy. There are over 1000 roofing contractors serving south-central Ohio.

Google Search for roofing contractor Ohio

A Google search for “roofing contractor Ohio” displays over 14 MILLION results. * July 2021

  • Which are professional roofing contractors?
  • Which specialize in the type of roof you want to install?
  • Which have factory-trained installation crews?
  • Which have a good reputation?
  • Which has been in business 10 years or more?
  • Which offers the best return on your investment?
  • Which are truly local contractors?
  • Which one will not let you down?

We understand it’s hard to choose and even harder to know where to start.

That’s why in 2009, we chose to serve Ohio homeowners with top-quality metal roofing, quality installation, and the best warranties in the business. 

Since then, we’ve delivered confidence in their permanent roofing solution to hundreds of homeowners.

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Quality: we’re obsessed with it. From the first connection, through installation crews respectful of your property, we care about you from start to lifetime warranties.
  2. We are passionate about Beauty. That’s curb appeal and making certain your new metal roof is right for your home’s architecture and your sense of style. 
  3. We are committed to You for a lifetime. We want you to be happy with your new permanent metal roof and live under it and our warranties worry-free.