The Schroer Difference: Professional Metal Roof Installation

The successful performance of any new roof depends on proper installation. For many contractors, finding the right installation crew is hard, which disappoints their customers repeatedly. With a metal roofing system, this problem is compounded. A poorly installed metal roof will cost you time and money, repaying you with frustration.

Our installation teams are trained, experienced, and professional. Always.

Our Metal Roof Installation Process

  • Installation of a new metal roof on an average house takes 1-½ weeks. Of course, that is weather-dependent, and not every house is average. 
  • We meet with homeowners to plan the installation. We learn about special clean-up needs and where best to position our trucks and materials.
  • We clean up daily, treating every property like it’s our own.
  • Details matter. We take your schedule, pets, children, and other needs into consideration.
  • At the end of the project, the job site is spotless.
  • After your inspection, we deliver and register your written workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties.

If your existing roof is torn off, we protect your home and lawn from debris and position a dumpster, which we immediately remove after filling. 90% of our customers choose to go right over the existing asphalt shingles, reducing environmental waste and debris while adding an extra layer of protection for your home. We’ll explain this during your FREE roofing consultation.

Our Professional Installation Teams

We have 2 metal roofing installation teams, running two jobs at a time. Multiple crews give flexibility in the availability to install your roof. And every team member is committed to cleanliness. 

Each Installation Team is trained in every product and led by one of our Project Managers:

  • Schroer Project Managers regularly receive extensive training and are deliver Quality Assurance to every installation.
  • Our managers are always on the job site, with the installation team. You’ll know exactly who to go to with your questions and for information.
  • If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

You deserve professional, warranted service and installation of your new roof, from start to finish. We’re here to make sure you get it.

Get a plan with Schroer & Sons for professional roof replacement. It’s never too early to get on our installation calendar. Once done, you need never re-roof again.

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