About Metal Roofing FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Here we offer answers to metal roofing FAQs, knowing that it’s not an exhaustive list. There’s much to learn about the performance and benefits of our products and the installation of beautiful lifetime roofing. Read on, and please ask your own questions below. We hope to answer your unique questions and promise to do so with honesty, integrity, and timeliness.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes! Call us to schedule your free roofing consultation today. We are available morning, afternoon, and evening.

What should I expect during my roofing consultation?

A Schroer & Sons roofing consultant will take place in your home. It will last between 1-3 hours, depending on the scope of your project.  Your consultant will show you several metal roofing solutions to choose from. When possible, your consultant will access your roof to take measurements. We often use a thermal imaging device to look for moisture damage on your roof surface’s underside and identify potential energy efficiency issues from heat loss. After your consultation, your consultant will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost to add a metal roof to your home.

Who needs to be present during my roofing consultation?

Whenever possible, we prefer to meet with everyone involved in deciding which home improvement options are best for your home.  Make sure the time of your consultation is convenient for everyone involved.  If you need to reschedule, please call the office anytime.

Who will install my metal roof?

Schroer & Sons uses our own licensed, certified, and highly trained crews. The integrity of your home is too important.  Our crew is easily recognizable.  They are equipped with Schroer & Sons vehicles and will be wearing Schroer & Son’s logoed attire.  Along with receiving the proper training, Schroer & Sons installation members undergo a background screening.  You will not need to worry about your home while the installation occurs, even if you aren’t home.

Will a metal roof affect cell phone reception inside of my home?

Chances are that you currently use your cell phone in metal roofed buildings regularly. If you currently have very, very weak or spotty cell phone reception inside of your home, a metal roof may be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” Adding a cell phone signal booster in your house would have been helpful before the metal roof and certainly would be helpful after your metal roof is installed. However, if you have fair to excellent cell phone reception now, the metal roof should not have any noticeable effect.

Does a metal roof attract lightning?

Lightning occurs from the highest object in an area, regardless of the material from which it is made. Metal roofing does not create nor attract lightning and poses no additional lightning risk to the structures it protects. Refer to this article for more information on metal roofs and lightning.

Will hail damage my metal roof?

Our metal roofing systems carry a Class IV UL 2218 Impact Resistance Rating, the highest available.  The heavily textured beauty of our metal shingle roofing systems adds strength and prepares them to take on the most extreme weather conditions. Our warranty provides specific hail protection, including protection against finish damage and leaking due to hail. Additionally, unlike most other roofing materials, metal does not lose impact resistance with age – this is a real bonus over other products, which become more susceptible to damage with each passing year.

When it rains, will it sound loud on the roof?

Metal roofing does not create any objectionable noise during rainstorms. The deep-textured folds in our metal shingle products avoid the ‘pinging’ sound you might expect from rain hitting a metal roof. Roof decking and attic airspace play a role in sound absorption as well. If the sound is a concern, we offer optional foam inserts behind our metal shingles for additional sound deadening.

What about fire?

Our metal roofs are completely non-combustible and provide great protection from fire. Flying embers will not ignite on our metal. Additionally, the extremely low weight of our products minimizes any cave-in threat which might occur with an interior house fire.

Can we walk on it?

Yes, care must be taken when walking on any roof surface.  Our high-strength metals and deep texturing will not lose strength over time. There is little reason ever to have to walk on your metal roof. However, if a chimney, skylight, or other maintenance is needed, you are assured that Schroer & Sons has installed the proper supports around these areas to prevent cosmetic damage to your roof.

Is there a minimum roof pitch your system can be installed on?

No roof should ever be installed at a pitch lower than that recommended by its manufacturer. Our Schroer Standing Seam can be used down to 2:12 roof pitches and even as low as 1.5:12 in situations with short rafters and no water runoff from higher roofs. Most of our metal shingle products require a 3:12 pitch. Due to its extra dimensionality, the Country Manor Shake system should not be used at less than 4:12 pitch in heavy snow areas.

Does my existing roof need to be removed?

Not necessarily. Under most circumstances, if you have an asphalt roof, Schroer & Sons will install your new roof over the top of your existing roof.  If there are already multiple layers of asphalt on your roof, removal is necessary. Removal is necessary for other roofing surfaces, like slate, wood shakes, tile, etc.

Is underlayment used beneath a Schroer & Sons metal roof?

Yes. The International Building Code requires underlayment, and it helps protect the backside of the metal from any rough surfaces below the roofing material. Schroer & Sons utilizes a synthetic underlayment over the entire roof.  Learn more about our underlayment here. As required by code, ice and water shield products or fire-retardant underlayments will be used in certain areas.

How does a metal roof compare in cost with other roofing materials?

Other roofing options are considered temporary roofing solutions. Our metal roofs are considered lifetime products, guaranteed to last forever. A Schroer & Sons lifetime metal roof is an investment-level roofing solution.  While more expensive upfront, homeowners never have to roof again.

How much longer will your metal roof last in comparison to common roofing like asphalt or wood shingles?

According to the asphalt roofing industry, the average lifespan of traditional shingles is only 12-17 years! Wood shingles also deteriorate quickly. Our metal roofing manufacturer, Classic Metal Roofing Systems, carries a meaningful long-term warranty on both the base metal and their high-quality coatings. We believe we have the best warranty in the roofing industry.

More Questions about Metal Roofing?

Roofing expert Todd Miller. As President of Isaiah Industries, a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, Todd has years of experience answering homeowner questions. On Todd’s website, you will find helpful information researching your new roof with even more metal roofing FAQs. And, you can Ask Todd Miller a question, too.

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