Slate Rock Oxford

Durability with the Beauty of Slate Rock

Slate Rock Oxford features the fine beauty of slate rock without the dangerous weight and high cost. Coated in four layers of PVDF from Valspar, this choice provides your home with lasting beauty that will not fade, break, or crack. In addition, your roof is coated with a reflective paint finish which keeps the roof surface cooler. This reduces cooling expenses during the hot summer months.

Beauty That Lasts A Lifetime

Slate Rock Oxford is manufactured with 95% recycled 0.024″ aluminum.  This means two things: it will last forever because aluminum will never rust and that your roof is lightweight. Slate Rock Oxford weights only 40lbs per 100 square feet.  This is compared to a true slate rock which can weigh between 650-4000 lbs per 100 square feet.  A lightweight roof reduces stress on your home’s structure.  A lightweight roof means your home will last longer.

Durabilty and Strength

Slate Rock Oxford is designed with a 4-way interlocking panel. Every panel locks into place, fastened above, below, and on both sides.  Each panel is secured to the roof deck with special aluminum ring shank nails every 12 inches. These nails are most effective in ensuring your Slate Rock Oxford roof will withstand the worst of weather conditions.

Slate Rock Oxford sheds ice and snow faster than most other roofs. Its unique low profile means your roof will not become ice-logged. It will not absorb moisture and will not rot. Plus, it is fire-resistant.

Lifetime Warranty

  • Lifetime Non-Prorated Limited Warranty 
  • Lifetime Hail Protection
  • Lifetime 120mph Wind Protection
  • 30 Year Fade & Chalk Protection
  • Transferable to multiple future owners

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