Why choose Schroer & Sons?

October 23, 2013 | Filed under: Metal Roofing,News

In the roofing business, we know you have many choices in roofing contractors.  Some of them are bad.  Many of them are good.  A few contractors are great.  Schroer & Sons is great.  This is our promise.  Our tagline is “Invest in the Best” and we mean it.  Below you will find eight reasons to choose Schroer & Sons for your metal roof.  These are our commitments to you.  No matter what happens, we will do whatever it takes to make these true of your experience with us.  Why choose Schroer & Sons for your metal roof?

  1. We are a Christian based company, committed to honesty and fairness in all business dealings.  This is our promise.  We do whatever it takes to deal fairly and honestly with every customer.  If something is wrong, we will make it right.
  2. Our sales approach is low-pressure and considerate.  We understand that a top quality metal roof is an investment and should be thought through.  We respect you taking time to think about it. We will never pressure you into signing a contract until you are ready.  We are here to help you choose the right roof for your home.
  3. We have  years of experience with metal roofing systems, ensuring your roof is installed right the first time.  Our installation crew is extensively trained in each metal system we sell.  When it gets put down, it gets put down right and is there to stay.
  4. Each of our systems comes with a Lifetime Warranty and 5-year promise on the installation.  Every metal system we sell is a lifetime roof.  You will never replace it again.  A Schroer & Sons roof is an investment in your home.  Not only do we want it to look great, but we want it to look great forever.
  5. The color of your roof will not fade.  Other roofing systems fall apart and colors fade.  Asphalt systems last a decade, sometimes less.  A Schroer & Sons metal roof will not age.  There is fractional visible difference between a roof installed in 2013 from one installed in 1980.
  6. A Schroer & Sons metal roof is manufactured in Piqua, Ohio.  It is not shipped in from overseas.  It is 100% American made.  Buying with us is an investment in America, in Ohio.  Choosing Schroer & Sons is keeping Americans working.  Check out the manufacturer here.  You may even schedule an appointment to tour the factory.
  7. Our roof is environmentally friendly.  It is made with 95% recyclable material.   Many times, it is installed over the top of your existing asphalt shingle, eliminating toxic, non-biodegradable waste.
  8. Choosing a Schroer & Sons metal roof will lower your energy costs.  Our roofs stay cool.  Every inch reflects the rays of the sun, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!  We have facts to prove it. Click this link and see the results of an independent study conducted on our product.

Those are our commitments to you.  We want you to choose Schroer & Sons for your Lifetime roof.  We want you to feel great doing it.  We want you to sleep well knowing your roof will not need repaired again and it is the last roof you’ll ever have to buy.

Stop shopping around, taking chances on other roofing contractors.  Call us today and choose Schroer & Sons for your lifetime metal roof.