Face-lift for a shingle home in Sidney Ohio

December 31, 2012 | Filed under: News

Here is a great shot of our most popular shingle, Country Manor Shake, seen here in Charcoal Gray. This metal roofing product, manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems, will give your home an instant face-lift. The curb appeal on this home has sky-rocketed with this beautiful, durable, life-long roof.

If you’ve ever replaced your roof, you know the worst part is the constant sound of hammering on your home and the nails and shingle mess left around the home. With our product, tear off is usually completely avoidable as it can be installed onto your current shingle roof.

As a result in our products ease of use, we are also able to eliminate more waste going to our landfills which is great for the environment. Schroer & Sons are committed to eliminating as much environmental waste as possible.

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