Metal Roof & Hail Damage

October 20, 2014 | Filed under: Metal Roofing,News


Metal Roof HailOne of the questions we are often asked is “What about hail and my metal roof?”

Our answer is always same: No problem! A metal roof is your best protection against a damaging hailstorm. In asphalt roofs, hail causes pits, divots to form in the shingles.  These divots hold water which eventually wears through the asphalt, weakening your roof surface and eventually causing leaks. Hail will also strip the granule composition off the asphalt shingles and wear down the protective layers of your roof.

Can your metal roof be damaged by hail? Yes, of course. However, damage sustained from hail on a metal roof  is often only cosmetic.  Many of our metal roof profiles have rugged textures formed into each shingle. Even if a hailstorm leaves small indentations on the roof, they usually blend into the texture. See the picture below. These dents will not affect the strength of the metal or the functionality of your roof. Schroer & Sons metal roofing systems have passed UL 2218 Impact Resistance testing at the Class IV level, the highest level.

metal roof hail damage

Country Manor Shake Showing Hail Damage

In the case of our aluminum metal systems, the outlook is even better.  Aluminum is impervious to rust. Even if a heavy hailstorm would penetrate the paint coating, your roof will perform as well as ever. While water may “pit” in these tiny dents, it will not cause rust or weaken the roof surface in any way. A metal roof is your home’s best protection against any storm.

If hail does cause the the paint coat to fail (chip), this failure is usually covered by most metal roofing manufacturers.  In areas of your roof which have sustained severe cosmetic damage, many metal roofing systems can be repaired by ‘capping’ or replacing panels.

In the end, a metal roof is your best defense against hail. Whereas a severe hailstorm presents a significant risk to an asphalt roof, your metal roof will keep your home protected. This is just one more reason why a metal roof from Schroer & Sons Contracting is considered a lifetime solution. Your home is your most valuable asset, why wouldn’t you protect it with the best roof available? Call Schroer & Sons to schedule a free, no-pressure roofing consultation today!