Roofing in the Winter

January 30, 2017 | Filed under: News

Roofing in the winter in Ohio is a very controversial topic, especially among asphalt and other temporary material applicators. Many people experience more roofing problems in the winter due to snow and ice accumulation. We get many service calls about leaking chimneys, pipe boots and valley areas. These are typical areas where snow and ice will accumulate causing problems “even on new asphalt roofs”. 

If you find yourself in desperate need of an inexpensive asphalt roof in the winter months there are several options and things to consider. I’d like to explore both temporary asphalt options and permanent metal options.

Asphalt Roofing in the Winter

     1. Asphalt products require being glued down as well as 5 nails per shingle to reduce the risk of your new roof blowing off. The glueing down part is often skipped over by asphalt contractors. It is also clearly defined in the warranty that any installations done in the winter months or cold temperatures will not warrant ” blow offs”.

 2. We all know that asphalt shingle roofs require very warm weather to bond themselves together and reduce the risk of blow offs. Any installation of these products below 60 degrees is very risky and therefore roofing with asphalt in the winter is just not recommended.

Metal Roofing in the Winter

  1. Metal roofing can be installed in any climate or condition. There is no minimum or maximum external temperature required during an installation. The outside temperature does not play a factor in your roof being secured to the substrate.
  2. Standing seam and interlocking metal standing seam, in most cases, can be installed over your existing roof. The ease of installation make it a perfect winter project.

I have people approach me all the time in the winter, be it at the fueling station or at a wrestling meet and the standard question is; “are you staying busy, Ryan?” The answer is always yes. There is absolutely no reason why you can not install a metal roof in any climate condition. I have friends in Canada, Colorado, Montana, Alaska and all over the United states that install Classic Metal Roofing, no matter what the current conditions are.

It really does not matter what kind of metal roof you are considering. Standing seam or Interlocking shingles. The temperature outside does not play a factor in your roof being secured to the substrate. All of our systems have mechanical fasteners to hold the roof down. They also either snap lock together or interlock together which does not require warmth. Now, it may not be the most desirable conditions to roof a home or business in the winter, but it sure is done every day with Schroer & Sons Metal Roofing Systems.

You can always install Synthetic underlayment products on the roof and let it go until it gets warm outside. Products such as Aqua Guard MT and Aqua Guard UDLX will keep you nice and dry for a year. They also will not tear and blow off like traditional felt paper. This will give you time to select the  right product and contractor.

There are two more advantages to re roofing your home in the winter.

1- When spring and Easter come rolling around your brand new beautiful roof can already be done. This is one major check off of the to do list giving much needed time for other things throughout the summer months.

2- Most of the time the backlog of roofs has been caught up leveling out the supply and demand factor. Which would give much more negotiation room on the price of the roof. You could save several thousands of dollars by having it done during the slow months. 

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