The Best Way to Handle Clogged Gutters

May 8, 2017 | Filed under: News

Well, it’s that time of year. I recently saw the first “helicopters” (as my kids like to call them) fly down from my maple tree. Those pesky seeds will soon fill up my gutters, flower beds and take root in the garden and driveway. These “helicopters” are just one of many things that attack our gutters. Anything that can be moved by the wind can be found in your gutter.

Gutters serve an important purpose by protecting your home exterior from damaging water and corrosion. They aren’t simply to keep rain from dripping on your head when you walk under them. Gutters protect and maintain the longevity of your home exterior and landscaping. You should never ignore a gutter clog or malfunction. 

The first step in taking care of a clogged or backed-up gutter is to first identify where the clog is. Safety is the number one concerned when dealing with your gutters. Use a ladder when necessary and always have another person with you. Most gutters can be cleaned out by hand as long as the debris hasn’t broken down and interrupted the flow of your down spout as well. 

By far, the best way to handle clogged gutters is by being proactive and putting preventative measures in place. When it comes to gutter care, the best offense is a good defense. Defend your gutters from the arial attacks of tree debris. We recommend gutter guard with all of our new gutter installations. Gutter guards do NOT eliminate the need to clean your gutters, however, they do make cleaning them easier and will decrease your cleaning frequency. Even if gutter guards aren’t for you, routine cleaning of your gutters 2-4 times a year will virtually eliminate any clogs and malfunctions.