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October 17, 2013 | Filed under: Metal Roofing,News

Aquaguard Underlayment

AquaGuard Underlayment


What’s underneath your metal roof?  Believe it or not, the foundation of any high quality metal roofing installation begins with a sheet of synthetic fiber.  This is why, at Schroer & Sons, we install a layer of RoofAquaguard UDLX synthetic underlayment.  Before any of our high quality metal shingles are installed, we lay down a layer of industrial strength, multi-layered, polypropylene synthetic underlayment.  This a mandatory and critical step in ensuring you have the very best, safest roofing product money can buy.

RoofAquaGuard’s 5-layers ensure you the very best weather proofing for your roof.  It is one more layer of protection against driving rain.  In fact, when our underlayment is installed properly, it can shield a roof from water damage for up to an entire year!  When Schroer & Sons installs your next metal roof, the first thing we do is carefully install RoofAquaGuard underlayment.  While it is nearly impossible for moisture to penetrate our interlocking metal shingle systems, even if it does, RoofAquaGuard adds an additional layer of protection to keep you dry.

Below is a video of RoofAquaGuard being installed on a home addition in Ft. Loramie Ohio in Shelby County.  Enjoy!

Schroer & Sons RoofAquaGuard Installation