Wind Storm Roof Damage and Your West Central Ohio Home

October 11, 2021 | Filed under: Roof Damage


Wind storm roof damage is common in Ohio. We can experience weather patterns from the south and west. Strong pressure systems from the north bring wind and chilling temperatures. These storms are amplified if you live in a rural area with no windbreaks.

How Can You Prepare Your Roof for the Next Wind Storm?

What to do before the storm:

Unfortunately, you can’t do much to prepare your roof when a storm is imminent. There are few things you can do to help minimize the coming damage. 

  • Clean your gutters so that water has a way to escape your rooftop without backups.
  • Trim trees to keep limbs and branches from falling on your house.
  • Remove all sources of debris from your yard. 
  • Secure anything that may become wind-borne and cause harm. 
  • Do what you can to prevent or catch leaks in compromised areas. 

Once you prepare your roof, you have to trust the quality of the installation and the material. 

What to do after wind storm roof damage:

The best course of action when dealing with a damaged roof is caution. Roofs can leak, be unsafe to walk on, and have less obvious damage. Although missing shingles, holes in the roof, or a torn-off roof may be obvious, smaller penetrations, structural damage, and leaks are harder to spot. 

We’re here in West Central Ohio to inspect your roof. It is essential to ensure that your roof is safe and sound for you and your family. Don’t hire just anyone willing to get on your roof. You don’t want any damage to go unnoticed. 

Damage Prevention is Always Best for Your Home

Installation of a roof that is manufactured to be wind resistant, even in hurricane-strength winds protects your home and everything it contains. We specialize in the installation and procurement of these roofing systems. We understand the value that your home contains and are here to help you protect it.