Gambrel and Mansard Metal Roof in Sidney Ohio

August 11, 2014 | Filed under: News

At Schroer & Sons Contracting, we are passionate about beautiful homes. Installing metal roofs often requires additional measures of customization and fabrication. Every home is different and this one below was no exception.

Last week, Schroer & Sons completed a beautiful Rustic Shingle metal roof installation in Sidney, Ohio.  The homeowners chose our unique Teak Thermobond color and it is gorgeous!  You can view the full gallery of pictures on this site or on our Facebook page here.

This home features some unusual roof design elements which required several custom metal flashings to be formed in-field and installed.  Below you will see how a Gambrel Roof transitions into a more typical 5/12 pitch. Because of this unusual construction, Schroer & Sons installers needed to created several types of custom metal flashings to accommodate the transition.  First, custom fitted sidewall flash was installed along the bottom of the Gambrel following along the typical roof slope.  Above the sidewall, installers field-formed a custom aluminum ‘j-channel’ to hold the metal shingle and allow water to shed down the roof slope.

Gambrel Metal Roof

In addition, a custom metal sidewall cap was field-formed and fitted above each shingle row. The purpose of the cap is to keep debris from clogging the sidewall’s auxiliary watershed channel.  This keeps driving rain above the roof surface and from penetrating the home.

The Gambrel hip transition was accomplished by installng a custom fitted starter strip along the hip line.  The adjacent shingles are locked into the starter strip. This keeps the shingles secured tightly to the roof deck to withstand hard winds coming upward along the steep Gambrel pitch. The starter piece also keeps the shingles straight along the hip line of the Gambrel providing a seamless transition between pitches.  See below.

Gambrel Transition

This home also featured a Mansard Style Roof on the backside.  Similar to the Gambrel on the front, this mansard features a starter strip to transition the slope change.  Additional custom flashing was required on the Mansard side to accommodate a dormer.  To do this, Schroer & Sons installers fitted a sidewall flashing along the sides of the dormer. This piece tucks in behind the siding on the dormer.

Mansard with Dormer

In most cases, sidewall flashing can be installed without having to remove the siding. The siding j-channel is moved up and runs above the sidewall’s termination channel, keeping the siding secured to the home.  Installers are careful not to damage the siding when installing the sidewall. In some cases, it is necessary to remove an reinstall the siding.

As you can see from the pictures above, Schroer & Sons is committed to fitting your home with the most beautiful lifetime roof available. To us, this means you will never have worry about replacing your roof again.  Regardless of weather, your lifetime metal roof from Schroer & Sons will keep your home safe and dry for as long as your home is standing.

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